Friday, February 11, 2011

Label Love or Lust??

I readily admit that I'm a fashion junkie...I always need a fix.  Whether it be wedding fashion (which is currently occupying about 85% of my brain capacity) to haute couture to simply off the rack, I love it all.  But I feel it brings me to one big question, what is in a name?  Do we love the label or the item that bears that label? 

I love certain labels, to love me, is to love my handbag collection too! My closet bears no less than 52 purses (at last count) and most have a label affixed to the inside of the bag.  My favorites are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, & Chanel.  There are a couple Burberry thrown in, just for varieties sake and then there are a few that have no label whatsoever, but I absolutely adore.  Louis Vuitton has always been my first love, I own most of the label's iconic bags, the Speedy, the Ellipse, the Pochette Accessories, along with various wallet and card holders, I always pick classic pieces.  The LV monogram will NEVER go out of style, in my humble opinion! And perhaps, that is one of the huge things I love about labels, they are timeless.  Coco Chanel introduced the iconic flap bag in February of 1955, it has since reached a massive following and it is still their most popular bag to date, I don't even think today's marketing geniuses could fathom that type of trending.

Louis Vuitton Speedy (available in sizes 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, & 40cm)

Louis Vuitton Ellipse MM (discontinued model, Grand Modelé available)

Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag 

But while shopping, I always ask myself, would I still love this bag if it didn't have the name? I still don't know if I can answer that.  I admit that it's slightly shallow, but at the same time, I love them.  My bags tell a story, about where I've been with them, what has been thrown in helter skelter, and memories of me choosing them.  Just for the record, my son has helped me choose most of them! He's my little Tim Gunn! I wouldn't take back any of that, so for some of you, it may just be a handbag, but for me, it's a purse full of memories!

Which brings me to clothes.....clothes I'm not so picky on.  I could wear a $10 sweater and still feel fabulous.  And while it's the style of clothing for me, for others it's not.  They want to wear a label blazoned across their chest like a crest of armor, shouting to all the world that their $400 t-shirt is Lanvin (though I give major kudos to Alber Elbaz, he truly is a fashion genius). 

That type of label worship, I don't understand.  For me, it's a clear case of label lust versus label love.  That $400 shirt will be thrown out next season like last week's garbage, where a purse won't.  Also, unless you can see the designer, who knows if that item of clothing is Kmart or Valentino? Those with a discerning eye may be able too, but your average female walking on the street couldn't! 

Which means for me, I'm all the about the copy or the diffusion line.  What's a diffusion line you ask?  A diffusion line is a clothing line that a designer produces at a lower price point.  For example, Philip Lim has an amazing couture line, but also his diffusion line 3.1 Philip Lim is also a best seller.  What makes diffusion lines so successful is that the pieces are very similar to the couture version, but they are available mass market.  Also, I'm a big fan of the collaboration.  Target's Go International line with featured designers such as Zac Posen, Tara Jarmon, and Rodarte, all personal favorites of mine.  H&M's collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor & Rolf, and Lanvin were all MUST HAVE pieces in my repertoire.  These lines were also extremely affordable.  

I would much rather purchase the inexpensive version when it comes to clothing, but I would never settle for less when it comes to my bags.  Besides all that extra money I'm saving on the clothes, I can tuck away for my next handbag!! 


  1. Hi, You are not the only one ,me too I fell the same about handbag versus clothing. The handbag are much more valuable than clothes! Your new e-ring set is gorgeous, no words for it! Lucky...

  2. I know what you mean about label lust and love! I also feel that media has such a strong role in what we purchase or think of certain fashion items, so it's somethings hard to just shut everything out and think about what WE want as an individual!

    That said, Im a huge sucker for labels >< Of course, my student life doesn't allow for lots of luxury spending but it does allow me to oogle and drool over new bags/accessories =P I also do what you do, ask myself would I love it if it wasn't a designer bag, though happily I've found myself saying yes so far, I hope to never say no or else that'd be a lot of money spent on lust!!!! ><

    P.s I totally agree that LV's mono will never go out of style! =D